the weaving workshop - manufacturers of weaving machines and power weaving looms for small to medium industry

Thank you for your interest in The Weaving Workshop. At the Weaving Workshop we aim to not only supply you with a loom, but rather to equip you with the skills, knowledge and equipment to start and sustain your own weaving business.

Suitable for Small and medium weaving industries.
Sold as a free standing machine together with a beam winder, cone creel and all other components.
Single phase electrically powered.
Guaranteed for one year.
The McLeod loom is easy to use,
efficient and quick.
Training included in business
package per order.
No previous experience required.

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This unique semi-industrial loom is ideal for small and medium weaving industries as well as home weavers.  The design of the loom originates from the new Harris Tweed Loom of Scotland and over the last 10 years, in association with the CSIR, it has been redesigned and engineered into a versatile, compact and powerful weaving machine. The looms now fill a niche in the South African and global market places between the small wooden hand-weaving looms and the large expensive industrial looms.

A full range of spares is carried on site and the loom is guaranteed for one year.  The manufacturer further endeavors to provide personal support for each weaving business established which includes advice, technical backup and a genuine interest in your success. 

workshopoutsidearrowAn investment in a McLeod Loom will allow many to realize the dream of running their own business and creating employment and a sustainable income for themselves and in time others in the core business as well as related industries.

The McLeod loom is easy to use, efficient and quick. It requires a single operator and no previous weaving experience is necessary as one week of operating and weaving training is given with each loom purchased. The looms are manufactured in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa.